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Adhesives & Sealants info:

Adhesives are natural or synthetic substances primarily used as glue. The first natural adhesives date back thousands of years and were made from a variety of trees, plants, starches, flour, and certain animal skins. In ancient times, these organic materials were mixed with water to create a sticky paste substance. Since then, adhesive production has become a more varied and complex process. The development of synthetic, thermoplastic, and pressure sensitive adhesives has improved the durability and range of use for this product. Adhesives now play a vital industrial role, whether they are used in complex mechanical processes or to close simple machine fractures.

Similarly, sealants are sticky materials that become solid when applied to a surface and block any air or matter from entering a gap. They are typically made from chemical liquids, paints, and malleable substances. In addition, specialized types of sealant can be produced from silicone and Polyurethane. In some industries, sealants are applied via pipe systems to create a coat around a sensitive assembly. Like adhesives, sealants can be used to repair fractured work pieces or to fasten up surfaces.


Types of Aerospace Adhesives - A ThomasNet Buying Guide
The aerospace industry requires tools and materials that feature high performance capability and extra environmental protections. Adhesives are available in a wide variety of formulations to meet such application demands.
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Double coated tapes are fabricated from various materials and chemical compositions and are used for bonding and sealing purposes. An overview of the types of materials and applications typically associated with these tapes is detailed here.
Types of Medical Adhesives - A ThomasNet Buying Guide
Adhesives are fabricated in materials for both tissue and appliance bonding in a variety of medical practices.
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Consumers utilize printed tape for various reasons, including branding and marketing purposes. Here is a brief overview of printed tape features and some associated applications.

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White Papers

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives
There are three main types of pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs): rubber, acrylic, and silicone. Overviewing the specific benefits of each type of adhesive, this paper uses a tabular format to explain how PSA softness or firmness affects adhesion, cohesion, viscosity, and elasticity. Highlighting how surface texture and contour can affect...
Silicone Rubber Thermal Interface Materials; Applications and Performance Considerations
Highlighting that attractive combination of thermal, physical, and electrical properties could make a material as an ideal choice to be used as a thermal interface material (TIM), this paper discusses the performance of a TIM in transistor and photovoltaic applications. It evaluates two TIMs from Arlon and a leading competitor consisting of...
Understanding Low Outgassing Adhesives
This paper highlights that outgassing characteristics of adhesives and related encapsulation and sealing/chemical compounds can be sensitive to the products and manufacturing processes of high-tech industries. It briefs about the industry-standard outgassing test, ASTM E595-07, and describes why engineers working for NASA are specifying ASTM...
Thermally Conductive Adhesives Keep Things Cool
Stating that the current microprocessors dissipate up to 100 W, this paper briefs about the challenge faced by design engineers, and explains how thermal interface materials, which fill in the air gaps between thermal transfer surfaces, are one of the key cooling measures. It highlights how smart engineers have long taken a systems approach to...

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