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Engineering has long been the keystone for designing and implementing materials, machines, and processes in a scientific fashion. Whether developing new devices or reorganizing existing systems, today's industrial engineers are crucial to the manufacturing process. With the added assistance of computer technology, such as CAD software or CAM programming tools, modern engineers can evaluate, interpret, build, and test designs with greater efficiency than ever before. They can identify the technical limitations of a given object, system, or process, and provide recommendations as to safety, cost, specifications, and servicing.

Consulting is the similar practice of providing professional advice to a person, company, or group. There are numerous forms of consulting, each with its own type of clientele. In some cases, consultants are needed to offer guidance, whereas other situations call for more assertive measures to help improve work efficiency. Consultants may improve a workforce's productivity through motivation and feedback, or by skill training and other educational methods.

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Types of Failure Analysis Engineering Services - A ThomasNet Buying Guide
Failure analysis is a requisite service for products, structures and vehicles destined for public consumption, typically before failure occurs, but also in cases where unfortunate accidents have happened. Given the range of possible failure conditions, a number of different failure analysis operations and services are available.
Industrial Product Life-Cycles
This article explains the concepts behind industrial product life-cycles and describes the stages a typical product may go through.
The Fundamentals of Price and Cost Analyses
Applying accurate price and cost analysis strategies during the purchasing process helps supply management professionals assess and negotiate fair and reasonable costs. A recent presentation by Sharon Hauht, Manager of Purchasing and Contracts, covered why such strategies are essential for long-term savings and when its essential to utilize each...
History of Robotics
The History of robots and robotics is lengthy, dating back to ancient times, but the real advance in innovation has come in the last half decade.

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White Papers

7 Critical Factors To Consider When Evaluating EMS Providers
Highlighting several factors that needs to be considered when evaluating EMS Providers, this paper begins by illustrating the basis on which an EMS provider does the pricing, including discounts. Stating that third party outsourcing presents risks of communication problems, delays and poor quality execution, it emphasizes that as an OEM, you...
Hamburger Tenderness: Recommended QC Test Method.
Detailing how quality control departments perform compression tests on raw and cooked hamburger patties using a texture analyzer, this paper illustrates in images the decent of a spherical probe into the patty at a defined test speed, which measure the amount of force in grams that is used to compress the hamburger. Including a data graph for...
New Grinding Machine Technology Offers Unique Value For The Medical Industry
Listing out the benefits of specially designed 5-axis grinding machines, this paper describes how they meet the special demands of the medical industry. Emphasizing that orthopedic implants are beneficiaries of this technology, it shows you how to program all the diverse, one-off or low-volume parts on just one machining platform. It reveals...
Testing Soft-Solid Dairy Products for Consistency: Two Methods - Both Work.
Covering two test methods used in quality control for evaluating consistency of dairy products like yogurt and soft butter, this paper begins by describing how a viscometer with helipath stand and T-bar spindle is used measure viscosity. Featuring images of a viscometer with T-bar Spindle, it explains why standard disc and cylindrical spindles...

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