Stella McCartney Develops Biodegradable Sequins

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Stella McCartney entered the history books this year by creating the world's first plastic-free garment made from plant-based sequins. The renowned fashion designer and daughter of legendary musician Paul McCartney teamed up with Radiant Matter to develop the revolutionary material.

Dubbed "BioSequins," the material is 100% biodegradable and contains no metals, minerals, synthetic pigments, or toxic chemicals. McCartney used the new material to create an all-in-one jumpsuit that was showcased by model and activist Cara Delevingne.   

BioSequins were born out of the need for more sustainability in the fashion industry. According to Oxfam, British women purchase an average of 33 million sequined garments every holiday season, with 1.7 million ending up in landfills shortly after. Furthermore, studies show that 35% of microplastics in the ocean come from synthetic clothing.  

McCartney's BioSequin clothing line is not available commercially just yet. However, its introduction has already inspired others in the industry to explore sustainable alternatives. Fashion brand GANNI, for example, recently announced the debut of their plant-based glitter. 

BioSequins are a huge step in minimizing the impact of textiles on the environment. Who says sustainability can't be fashionable? 

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