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Throughout history, metals have been used in a variety of ways. With the growing demand for manufacturing goods, metal products have become increasingly diverse: in the industrial trade, these products range from simple alloys to specific wires and wire products. Serving medical, electrical, and even military needs, metals enable the mass production of parts such as bolts, and production processes like welding.

Individual categories of metal and metal products offer industrial buyers and manufacturers with access to appropriate materials needed to fuel specific application production. The chromium heading, for example, provides a comprehensive list of the various kinds of chromium and the subsequent manufacturing companies. The category Copper and Copper Alloys, however, not only includes a list of companies that provide raw copper materials, but also companies that specialize in certain copper products and fabrication processes, like perforated copper and cold-formation copper.


Metal: Chemistry Guide
The different types of metals and their chemical properties are detailed in this article.
This article provides information regarding Titanium, its history, chemistry and uses.
Stainless Steel Tubes
Steel tubing is a structurally reliable, stress-resistant component in a wide variety of structural and plumbing applications.
Aluminum and Nickel Alloys
Aluminum and nickel alloys enable nickel and aluminum to be effectively used in an array of applications.

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White Papers

Motor Rewind With Zeus PEEK Insulation Products
Describing how rewinding of a motor using Zeus crystalline PEEK-coated magnet wire and Zeus PEEK Lay-Flat® tubing as insulating material improved motor performance, compared to standard magnet wire and Nomex® laminate, and DMD insulation materials, this paper presents the results obtained from rewinding a 460 volt, Class F, AC 0.75 horsepower...
Using Heavy Copper and EXTREME Copper in PCB Design and Fabrication for Maximum Reliability
A heavy copper circuit is manufactured with copper weights anywhere between 4 oz/square feet to 20 oz/square feet, and Extreme copper circuits contain copper weighing above 20 oz/square feet to 200 oz/square feet. This paper focuses on heavy copper, and lists out its benefits. It then examines the differences in the manufacturing processes of...
Cer-Mac, Inc. Guide to the Tools and Processes of Machining Inconel
Over viewing the capabilities of Cer-Mac in machining Inconel and other high nickel alloys, this paper briefs about the qualities of Inconel, along with the customized tooling plan for producing Inconel parts. It highlights the importance of tooling plan in producing successful Inconal parts, and lists the factors which are to be considered like...
Inner Wire Colors & Safety
Highlighting that knowledge on electrical color code plays a vital role in the safety and correct configuration of an electrical system, the paper overviews the inner wire colors and safety of an electrical system. It explains that the color code of a wire tells about its functioning, and states that all electric wires should be treated with...

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