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What Is Procurement Management? Key Steps and Importance of Managing Procurement in an Organization
For companies in any industry, smart procurement practices are essential for ensuring efficient operations and an optimal bottom line. Put simply, procurement comprises all activities and processes involved in acquiring needed goods and services from external parties. This may include everything from office supplies, furniture, and facilities to...
5 Key Factors to Consider When Conducting a Supplier Evaluation
A strong supply chain is the backbone of a successful business. Regardless of your industry, close working relationships with your suppliers will streamline production timelines, minimize operating costs, and guarantee the quality of your products.
Procurement Vs. Purchasing - Is There a Difference?
Although the terms "procurement" and "purchasing" are often used interchangeably, they actually refer to two different processes, and fully understanding the distinction can have a huge impact on your bottom line.
The 5 Stages of the Procurement Process - Managing Procurement from Start to Finish
Procurement is the process involving the acquisition of products or services needed for a company to carry out its operations. With direct impact on your bottom line and day-to-day functionality, effectively managing your company's procurement process is critical. Finding the right supplier who can provide you with high-quality goods at a...

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New Grinding Machine Technology Offers Unique Value For The Medical Industry
Listing out the benefits of specially designed 5-axis grinding machines, this paper describes how they meet the special demands of the medical industry. Emphasizing that orthopedic implants are beneficiaries of this technology, it shows you how to program all the diverse, one-off or low-volume parts on just one machining platform. It reveals...
Flatline Alkali-Silica Reaction with Pumice-Blended Cement for Pennies a Yard
Highlighting alkali-silica reaction (ASR) as a pestilence which infects and destroys vital concrete infrastructure, this paper states that ASR can be mitigated in the concrete mix design by specifying a consistent, quantifiable supplementary cementitious material (SCM). It explains the ASR reaction in concrete along with its destructions, and...
Pumice Pozzolan: Summary of Phase Two Research on Hess Pozz; Quantifying the Effectiveness of Pumice-Blended Cement on Mitigating the Alkali-Silica Reaction
Overviewing a research conducted by Hess Pumice in collaboration with the University of Utah in determining and quantifying the effects of pumice as a concrete pozzolan, this paper investigates why pumice from Hess Pumice deposit is effective in mitigating Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR). It lists alkali content, moisture, siliceous aggregate, and...
"BUT WAIT..." -the Art of the "CROSS-SELL" for Brick and Mortar Retailers; Easy TIPS and TRICKS to Help with this Important but Sometimes Undervalued Revenue Stream
Highlighting "related items" as the most popular way to get customers to increase shopping basket size, this paper briefs about the cross-selling technique invented by Brick and Mortar retail, and adds its benefits. It details the list of the things which are to be considered while beginning cross-selling, and points that one can go as far as...

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