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Processing implies that a certain operation or action requires more than one step in the manufacturing of a product, there are several steps in which materials are treated and prepared. For each step of the process there are specific machines and equipment designed to make production as efficient and effective as possible. These machines and types of specified equipment fall under the Processing Equipment heading.

Within each category the processing equipment will vary. With dehydrators for example, subcategories offer dehydrating equipment itself, as well as dehydrator accessories and agents such as gas and oil. The function and objective each equipment or part has, however, is dependent upon the processing job.


How to Steam Wood
Steaming wood is a heating method used to bend and shape wood for numerous industrial processes.

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White Papers

Can Nitrogen Reduce Failures in Medical Devices?
Medical device manufacturers are required to validate the processes used to assemble their products. Many major failures result from a weakness in the solder joint that connects the wire bond to the printed circuit board (PCB). This paper explores the use of nitrogen during the soldering process to minimize device failure. Illustrated in images,...
White Paper: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis For Off-Gas Mixing And Ventilation Inside Carbonization Furnace During PAN-Based Carbon Fiber Manufacturing
Properties such as excellent tensile property, low density, and high thermal and chemical stability make Carbon fiber attractive for aerospace, military and medical industries. This paper covers the production of carbon fiber from polyacrylonitrile (PAN) that is conducted in a carbonization line which includes three distinct process steps:...
Abstract and Attributes of ASME Vessel Heat Transfer Surfaces.
Focusing on three types of external jacketed heat transfer surfaces such as: conventional jacket, half pipe jacket and dimple jacket, this paper looks at heat transfer methods that use steam or fluid. Describing a conventional jacket, it states that they are best used for low pressure applications below 50psi. Highlighting the design of dimple...
Stainless Steel Tube Connectors Orifices & Filters: The Confluence Of Stainless Steel Tube Fittings Precision Orifices and Filters
Focusing on standard stainless compression tube fittings which include precision orifices and/or filters for the control of liquid and gas all in one fitting, this paper lists out products that Bird Precision has on offer such as: 316 Stainless Unions, Male Connectors, Port Connectors, Tees, Elbows, Face Seal and various Gland diameters....

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