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Services categories, such as repair and maintenance services, encompass a wide array of industries and manufacturers that work to assist others. Architectural Services for example, are tailored toward assisting in each and every step of the architectural process, serving as the support network for the architecture industry. No industry can survive without support, making the companies that serve them an integral part of industry growth and development.

Freight Services, as a general category, includes companies that offer specific forms of bulk transportation and shipping assistance. Warehousing Services, on the other hand, offer options for warehouse storage and management systems. General Services provides an alphabetized itemization of larger subcategories, ranging from Aerial Reconnaissance Systems to Construction Estimating Services. In general, each individual service category has a wide variety of listings designed to offer the highest level of industry support.

White Papers

5 Contract Manufacturing Pitfalls That Delay Production Schedules.
Highlighting five of the most common risks OEMs must address when outsourcing assemblies to contract manufacturers, this paper states that, for execution to be timely and error free, EMS providers should have a process in place wherein experts review all incoming change requirements and have supporting documentation in place. Focusing on...
7 Critical Factors To Consider When Evaluating EMS Providers
Highlighting several factors that needs to be considered when evaluating EMS Providers, this paper begins by illustrating the basis on which an EMS provider does the pricing, including discounts. Stating that third party outsourcing presents risks of communication problems, delays and poor quality execution, it emphasizes that as an OEM, you...
Hamburger Tenderness: Recommended QC Test Method.
Detailing how quality control departments perform compression tests on raw and cooked hamburger patties using a texture analyzer, this paper illustrates in images the decent of a spherical probe into the patty at a defined test speed, which measure the amount of force in grams that is used to compress the hamburger. Including a data graph for...
Testing Soft-Solid Dairy Products for Consistency: Two Methods - Both Work.
Covering two test methods used in quality control for evaluating consistency of dairy products like yogurt and soft butter, this paper begins by describing how a viscometer with helipath stand and T-bar spindle is used measure viscosity. Featuring images of a viscometer with T-bar Spindle, it explains why standard disc and cylindrical spindles...

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